iPad for Control4

Everyday easy solutions for conscious sustainability in your life.

Use your iPad for control of your home or office energy management systems .. and more.

Control4’s" My Home iPad App was designed specifically for the iPad, says Control4 COO Glen Mella.

The app, which can be downloaded for free from Apple’s" iTunes App  Store, controls lighting, temperature, music, video, security systems,  Web cameras and more.

Users need to have the app authenticated to their system with a  Mobile Navigator license, which can be obtained from your Control4 dealer.

With your iPad, you’ll have access to your home or office systems from anywhere in the world.

See how easy your home control can be with Control4’s" My Home iPad App.

Control4 Screen Shot Screenshot Lighting
iPad Demo 3:23 mins

Control4 iPad demo 2:23 mins

My Home for iPad 2:19 mins

Control4 My Home for iPad App 2:19 mins

Screenshot Music