Battery Recycling

Recycling or discarding of batteries in a responsible manner, is the only way to ensure harmful batteries do not end up in landfills. The problem of batteries in landfills is in fact one of the easiest to solve. You can use rechargeable batteries which will significantly reduce the number of batteries which end up in …

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Rechargable Batteries

Why should you consider purchasing rechargeable batteries instead of disposables? Save money: One AA NiZn rechargeable battery can replace at least 300 or more single-use batteries. Help Save the Environment. Rechargeable batteries provide a lower total cost of ownership over the product lifetime. And, when you consider that over 3 billion alkaline batteries end up …

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Battery Statistics

One household product that is causing a problem these days is throwaway batteries. When a battery in one of your gadgets dies, its easy to run for a replacement. If dead batteries land in your garbage, where do they go next? The landfill? Tons of Reasons Why You Should Stop Buying Single-Use Batteries. According to …

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