do you need a permit to install solar panels

Do You Need A Permit To Install Solar Panels?

Do you need a permit to install solar panels? If you have decided to put solar panels on your home, you are making a sensible decision. That may help you save money while also protecting the environment. Green construction and living are the future, and solar panels can be an important component of it.

You may be thinking if you need a construction license to add solar panels to your house. The answer is “yes,” and you will need one. Any extension to your home is almost certainly going to require a building permit. And bulking anything — including photovoltaic panels – without first learning about and seeking the correct authorities can have serious repercussions.

Keep in mind that regulations vary by state, so be sure you are following the requirements of the state where you want to install solar panels on your property.

Solar Panel Installation Permits You Need

Because most permitting criteria are based on local building codes and zoning restrictions. The precise sort you will require varies from place to place. Building permits and electrical permits are the two most frequent types of authorization for solar panel installation.

Solar Panel Building Permit

A building permit is the most common type of permit required to install solar energy systems. Solar panels are not the only thing that requires a construction permit. Before constructing a new structure on one’s property, almost every city in the country requires some sort of building permit.

A building permit is simply your municipality’s green light to add solar panels to your property. Your building permit, when worded in the form of a document. This will contain all the criteria a project must meet to satisfy local safety standards. Solar Energy is a business that specializes in obtaining building permits for solar panel installation. And will take care of the legwork to ensure that your system meets all local safety and zoning requirements.

Solar Panel Electrical Permit

If you are hooking your system up to the utility grid. You will need an electrical permit to make sure all wiring and grid interconnections are correct. Utility companies may demand that a skilled electrician install the system for authorization. Pink Energy works with our utility partners to satisfy local permitting regulations.

How To Know The Right Building Permits Required To Install Solar Panels

Solar panel permits are one of the most complicated things to understand about solar energy. Some are based on your location, while others are not. Because they are specific to each property, determining which permit to acquire might be difficult. That is why we communicate with our clients before submitting their applications. So that we can obtain all the information we need about their homes. Here are a few of the most common factors that affect which permit you all require.

Solar Panel Permits By Location

Solar installation is not always governed by the same regulations. And each location may have different preferences. Building codes, zoning rules, and other solar panel legislation at the state and local levels govern permits.

Your system may also need Home Owners’ Association (HOA) approval to be installed. And if your property is in a protected historic area, you may require permission from your local historical commission.

Simply put, your state, town, and area all impact the type of permit you will need and the criteria you will have to satisfy to obtain it.

Solar Panel Permits Based On System Type

On average, the process of obtaining a solar panel installation permit on your home’s roof is quite similar. Ground-mounted systems, on the other hand, might be an exception. While ground systems may not be subject to the same building regulations as rooftop installations, they are erected on undeveloped plots of land and may need site surveys and other inspections before a license can be obtained.

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved For Solar

The time it takes to apply for and receive a solar panel installation permit varies by location. In some places, however, the approval process has gotten faster in recent years as a result of smart communities, or “solar-friendly cities,” initiatives like legislation and grassroots awareness, as well as strong demand for solar energy. These areas have streamlined the procedure by means of legislative action, grassroots awareness, and a strong desire for solar energy.

How Do You Make Sure Your Solar Panel Additions Are Properly Licensed?

The best way to avoid any problems with your solar panel installation is to get a professional solar panel installer to come in, examine your property and project, determine the permissions you will need, and assist you to obtain them. One of the reasons individuals are hesitant to consider this plan is because they believe it will be less expensive to install solar panels on their own. This is frequently incorrect for a variety of reasons.

The first is that, without the required expertise. You may not be granted all of your permissions. Which can be much more expensive than hiring specialists to complete it. Even beyond this, there are several expensive mistakes you may make while attempting to install your own solar panels, including misplacing the panels. Which might necessitate expert help even after you spend a lot of time and money on the project. Or causing roof damage that will require an expensive roof repair. That is unlikely to be covered by your homeowners’ insurance.


All of this is on top of the fact that installing solar panels yourself may be dangerous. You could fall off or through your roof while installation, panels might fall and injure someone below you, or you might be injured by electrical wiring.

This is why, if you’re looking to install solar panels on your property in Pennsylvania or Maryland, you should contact Bright Eye Solar right away. Bright Eye Solar is a solar panel installer in Maryland and Pennsylvania with extensive knowledge of local rules who can assist homeowners with obtaining the appropriate permissions.

Before we begin work, we will talk to you and perform a full inspection of your location, offering a complete, no-obligation estimate before we do any labor, so you know what exactly to anticipate from the new type of solar panel installation. The Bright Solar  Eye will install the panels the first time correctly, giving you more energy savings in addition to the attractive appearance that comes with a professionally completed installation task.

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