Energy Management

Energy Management – The Right Thing To Do For You and For the Environment

Whether you are feeling environmentally conscious or are concerned about rising fuel and electricity costs, there are many ways that you can manage your energy consumption at home or your office. Some of these are procedural – steps you can take without much effort, just some changes in what you do every day. Some ways are incredibly inexpensive while others require a bit more investment of time or money. The more you do, the better the results will be. And when you teach today’s children good energy management habits, they’ll have a brighter future.

You can benefit the most by having a system that will take steps for you whether you are there, out or away. A system like that can help you in many ways.

save energy
identify high-consumption devices
understand the financial and environmental impact of your energy use
reduce your carbon footprint
and much more

Start Small with DIY – Kill Those Electrical Watts

Cut down on your costs. Find out which of your appliances, lamps and computers are actually are costing you the most! The Kill-A-Watt electricity load meter and monitor will provide the answer. Just plug the device into the Kill-A-Watt electricity usage monitor and it will tell you how efficient they are. The easy-to-read LCD display measures consumption by the kilowatt-hour, just like the electric company.

You’ll be able to calculate electrical expenses for any period and check the quality of your incoming power by monitoring the voltage, like frequency and power factor. Now you’ll know if it’s time for a new appliance or whether new items touted as “energy saving” are actually doing their job.

When we tied Kill-A-Watt to a client’s new, energy efficient refrigerator, we quickly learned that there was a huge spike in energy usage when the door was opened. The bulb in the fridge light was incredibly inefficient. Our client replaced it with an energy efficient bulb and Kill-A-Watt showed us how the energy usage was much less next time the door was opened.

Get The Energy Detective to Help Your Family Save on Electricity

We know how important it is to save money on electricity consumption. The electric company bills can sometimes come as a huge shock. We recommend something that will put you in control. TED (The Energy Detective) is a simple, yet accurate, home energy monitor that allows you to see your electricity usage in real-time. You no longer have to wait for the ‘electricity bill surprise’! TED will accurately tell you what your bill is going to be long before the electric bill arrives. Meanwhile, you will learn more about conserving energy, saving money, and helping save the environment.

By learning what you are using, you can start making changes that will result in immediate savings. Turning lights and equipment off when they aren’t required or in use or replacing bulbs with energy efficient alternatives will make an immediate impact on energy consumption. Simply put, you start saving right away.

We’ll evaluate and select the right TED for you. Setting up TED is quick, easy and maintenance free. It will store up to ten years of data, making it easy to make valuable comparisons. You can get a more comprehensive look at your electricity usage and will actually SEE where you are wasting electricity – and money. TED Footprints is a dynamic software that allows you to log your electricity usage on your own computer for graphing, charting, seeing trends, load-profiling and much more! This means you can better manage your dollars and help the environment with energy conservation.

We will tie TED into your circuit breaker panel and start gathering data. With its one-second reaction time, TED will provide immediate feedback on energy usage and enable you to make some changes. These changes can reduce your energy consumption, reduce your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

An Energy Management System Will Help You

We understand what you want when it comes to managing your home or office environment – in fact, we’ve been helping people do it for years. Metronet has designed systems to automate and control clients’ entertainment systems, lighting, security, temperature and much more since 2003.

Empower Yourself with Information for a Compelling In-Home Experience

There are numerous energy management systems. For a streamlined system that is easy-to-use and very affordable at all levels, we recommend Control4. Your Control4® energy management system will empower you with actionable information to put you in control of your energy use. The system is so simple and intuitive that the most compelling of information is always available to you. You’ll get hooked on energy management as part of your everyday life through the applications and social elements.

Benefit from Integrated Advanced Home Automation & Control

Only Control4 brings advanced home automation and control to the home area network (HAN). Working with ancillary HAN devices and integrated into thousands of products from many leading consumer electronics brands like LG, Pioneer and Sony, Control4 technology allows you to control your heating, cooling and virtually every device in your home or office through a single interface.

You win – Your Energy Consumption Will Go Down

You’ll see the reduction in your energy consumption after we install your Control4 energy management system and tie in TED. We’re confident that armed with the information they provide, you’ll see immediate results – your energy consumption will have gone down.