how to charge solar lights without sun

How To Charge Solar Lights Without The Sun

How to charge solar lights without the sun? Solar lights are a great way to light up outdoor areas, but the problem is that they require sunlight to charge. This can be a problem if your area doesn’t get much sun during the day. However, there are ways around this. Here are some tips for charging solar lights without having to rely fully on the sun.

how to charge solar lights without sun

Place Them In Direct Sunlight During The Day

The best way to charge your solar lights is by placing them in direct sunlight during the day. This will allow them to absorb as much energy as possible, which will make it easier for them to charge at night. When they’re not getting any extra help from the sun. If you live in an area where your lights can’t be exposed directly to the sun all day long. Consider purchasing devices that allow you to charge them indoors or after dark (see below).

Use An Indoor Charger

If your solar lights aren’t getting any direct sunlight at all. Then you may want to invest in an indoor charger instead of using an outdoor one. These devices work by charging batteries using electricity instead of natural light, so they can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Use A Lamp Or Light Source

If you have any lamps or light sources available, they can be used to help charge your solar lights. The trick is to place them near your solar lights so they receive enough light energy from either natural or artificial sources. Make sure that there are no other obstructions between the lamp or light source and your solar lights. Because this will reduce their ability to charge properly. You can also purchase a small portable light source like an LED flashlight or lantern. If you don’t already own one so that you can use it when necessary.

Use A Battery Charger

If you want an easier way to charge your solar lights without having to wait for sunlight. Consider getting a battery charger instead of using other methods like lamps or electric outlets. This gives you more options when it comes to charging your devices on demand rather than waiting for them to get charged naturally over.

Use An Incandescent Light Bulb To Charge Solar Lights

If you are looking for a way to charge your solar lights, you can use an incandescent light bulb. This is the same type of light bulb that you would find in your house, and it will charge your solar lights in about four hours.

How Does This Work?

The photoelectric effect is the phenomenon where photons of light can knock electrons from their orbits around atoms. The energy from this lost electron is used to power a circuit that produces electricity. The kinetic energy of the electrons that are knocked loose can be used to generate electricity. So they don’t need to return to their original orbits in order.

This concept can be used in solar lighting because when sunlight hits a solar panel. It will produce electrons through the photoelectric effect. These electrons can then be transferred into an electrical circuit that will power an electric light bulb or another device.

Steps To Use An Incandescent Light Bulb To Charge Your Solar Lights

  • Unscrew the light from the charging base and remove the battery pack from the back of it.
  • Expose the wires that go into the battery pack by removing any screws or other fasteners holding them in place.
  • Connect one end of a wire to each terminal on the battery pack with some electrical tape or solder if needed.
  • Attach one end of another wire to one terminal on the battery pack. Connect that wire to one terminal on the incandescent light bulb using electrical tape or solder if needed as well.
  • Connect the other end of this wire to one terminal on another incandescent light bulb. Use electrical tape or solder as well so that both bulbs are connected with only one wire between them.

Use A Halogen Light Bulb To Charge Solar Lights

If you want to stop wasting money on replacing batteries, then here is a simple trick to charge them with a halogen light bulb instead. This trick works best if you have a set of solar garden lights that come with a small solar panel, but it will work with any type of solar light.

What You Need:

  • Halogen Light Bulb 
  • Solar Garden Light 

How To Do It:

Take the halogen light bulb out of its socket and put it in the ground next to your garden or flower bed where no plants or flowers are growing yet. Make sure that there is enough space between each bulb so that it can charge properly without getting burnt out by its heat.

Make sure that all other bulbs are off before turning on the halogen light bulb because it will produce heat when turned on and could potentially burn out other bulbs nearby if they are still on when this happens.

Use A Fluorescent Light Bulb To Charge Solar Lights

Many solar lights come with rechargeable batteries, but they can be difficult to charge. A fluorescent light bulb is often used as a power source to charge the batteries in the solar lights. How to charge solar lights without the sun? This method is cheap, easy, and effective.

Step 1: Remove the battery from the solar light and insert it into a glass container filled with water. The water should cover the battery by an inch or two.

Step 2: Connect one end of a jumper wire to the positive terminal of your battery. Connect the other end of the jumper wire to one end of your fluorescent light bulb’s socket. Connect the other end of your fluorescent light bulb’s socket to one end of another jumper wire. Join this jumper wire to one terminal on your battery charger. Finally, connect one terminal on your battery charger to an electrical outlet.

Step 3: Set your timer for 15 minutes and plug it in using an extension cord if necessary. So that it does not disturb any furniture or break any windows when it falls if there is a power surge due to a lightning storm or some other event. This causes power surges in your home or business location where you are charging these solar lights using this method.

Try A Black Light Bulb To Charge Solar Lights

You can use a black light bulb to charge your solar lights. A black-light bulb is a special type of light bulb that generates high-energy ultraviolet (UV) rays. The UV rays in turn help to charge your solar lights.

How Does This Work

The idea is that the UV rays from the black light bulb will pass through the glass of your solar lights and charge them. This can be an effective way to make sure that they are fully charged at all times, but it does take some time to work properly.

The first thing you need to do is find a good place for your black light bulb. It needs to be placed in an area where there is lots of sunlight throughout the day so that it can generate enough UV rays for your solar lights. You also need to make sure that it won’t get damaged by water or other elements, so placing it outside may not be a good idea if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions or frequent rainstorms.

Recharge Your Solar Landscape Lighting with Static Electricity

If your solar landscape lights don’t seem to be working as well as they used to, try using static electricity to give them a boost!

You may be wondering how this works. The principle behind it is that electrons are drawn toward opposite charges (positive and negative). So if one side of the solar panel has more electrons than the other side, those electrons will move toward the side with fewer electrons (in this case, ground). That’s why static electricity works so well — it’s just an imbalance in charges.


Solar lights are one of the most popular lighting options because they offer the best of both worlds—high-quality light without being connected to an electrical grid. How to charge solar lights without the sun? Yet, unlike solar panels that require direct sunlight and solar batteries that need sunlight to charge so that you can use them at night, these lights will not illuminate if there is no sunlight available. In this article, we provided you, with how your switch can charge your solar lights without the sun.