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Batteries Power Our World

Batteries give life to the many electronic devices you rely on in your daily lives. Miniature powerhouses, these batteries are the key to providing portable, convenient power to the devices that bring you pleasure, are necessary in your life and to devices & systems that can save your life.

The devices you use - necessary, fun, life saving

Mobile phones, smoke detectors, flashlights, remote controls, cordless telephones, LED lights, children's toys, gaming systems, digital cameras and MP3 players are just a few of these devices you might be relying on. And the list of items powered by single use and rechargeable batteries continues to grow.  Batteries also power things that the average person is not aware of. They are used as back up during a power outage – very significant for hospitals, commuter trains, military operations, phone lines.

What do these batteries cost you?

Have you given any thought to the number of AA batteries you use every year? Or what happens to them when you drop them in the trash? What do all those batteries you need cost you every year?

On average each person buys – and throws away – no fewer than 10 single use batteries each year. What effect do those trashed batteries have on the environment and the quality of everyone's life?

So easy to throw out!   Why you shouldn’t.

When a battery dies, you take it out of the device and ... throw it in the trash?

That trash ends up in a landfill.

If not properly disposed of, batteries come at a HUGE cost to the environment.

Spent Batteries

Mountains of used batteries go into landfills

When thrown into the trash, dangerous heavy metals and contaminants can leach into the soil and groundwater. This contamination results in numerous negative side effects for both the environment and individual health.

Batteries. This one household product is causing problems of enormous proportions.

Now there's an alternative that won't take much effort, will reduce dumping in landfills, will go towards cleaner drinking water and a healthier planet. Each one of us CAN make a difference. You can start now.

Recharging is easy. Recycling is easy.

Buy your recyclable, rechargeable batteries now.

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